Mattress Toppers

Does anyone know the difference between the 4" Sculpted Gel Memory Foam Mattress Topper and the 4" Foam Topper.

I know about the gel and the heat dispersion but I am wondering about the difference between the sculpted and unsculpted toppers.


I am with the manufacturer and would be happy to answer.

The sculpted topper is simply a cut unsculpted topper. They are made using the same foam (either gel or standard open cell memory foam)

The sculpted topper can be used with the sculpted side up for a less firm, more therapeutic feel or with the sculpted side down for a more firm and supportive feel.

A 2" sculpted topper is also lighter than a 2" slab topper (due to the cut outs) so it could be easier to move from bed to bed.

I hope this helps!

That is exactly what I was looking for, thank you very much!

i bought the 2" gel topper for my daughter’s bed back in december. was skeptical when i rolled it out, whether 2" would make a noticeable difference. WOW, her bed is so comfortable and plush. i’m so pleased with it, i’m getting one for me now! the only thing i dislike about it is that it makes the mattress noisier when you move across it. not terrible.

Thanks for your review. Did you get the “sculptured” or “unsculptured” gel topper? I could live without the noise myself. Thanks!

Hey @cousineaud, isnt this the same as ???

Does anyone know if these would be good over a sofa sleeper mattress to improve comfort? Would they fold away with the sleeper sofa without damaging the topper?

I can honestly say that I have never heard of the topper being noisy. It is made of memory foam, if anything it would dampen any noise from mattress springs.

We also manufactured that item.

It can be used with a sofa sleeper, but not recommended. Being compressed for a long time may shorten the life of the foam.

The ideal thing would be to store it and bring it out when you want to sleep on the sofa sleeper.

I would recommend one of the sculpted toppers.

Does anyone know if the 2inch sculpted topper also has the fresh odor technology?

Yes, it does.

Can someone from experience tell me the difference in plushness for a 2"topper compared to a 4" topper?

Will the 4" be too plush?

My mattress is tough and it’s about 10 years old.

I’m not sure if a 4" will cause it have a sinking feeling?

Which would the differences between

4’ sculpted gel foam vs 4’ solid regular foam

Is there a big difference in comfort between 2 inch sculpted and 3 inch sculpted?

What are the cleaning recommendations for these? Do they need a separate cover along w/ the usual bed linens?

Can you tell me how deep the scallops are cut on the 4" sculpted e.g. 2" scallop and 2" base? Would a 4" scallop be comparable to a 2" solid as far as support if the 4" were flipped? Also, what are the weights of each size?
Thank you

The gel foam is our premium foam, it has infused gel particles to increase heat dissipation and improve support.

The difference between sculpted and slab foam was outlined above.

I hope this helps!

The foam would be spot clean.

The topper can be placed right under your fitted sheet.