Mattresses: Doze Were The Days

I recently purchased a different memory foam mattress Woot offered a while back but I keep reading about these things!! I came across this particular mattress during my search for one and it took me a while to figure out that the top 4" layer only has 2" of memory foam: 1" on top, 1" on the bottom. The other 2" is some other type of foam. I wanted a mattress with 4" of memory foam and almost bought this one. The specs are listed in a little more detail here:

Good luck in your search for a good night sleep. It can be tricky buying a bed online but my strategy was to go with a firm mattress so that I could try different toppers until I found the perfect combination. I ended up adding a 2" natural latex topper, which cost a bunch ($279 for 2" queen with cover). The combination of 2" soft latex over 4" firm memory foam works perfectly for my large frame. Way better than the $1800 memory foam mattress it replaced.

What are the depths and density of the 3 layers? Anyone have one of these? Firmness?

Anyone any experience with – Gel Classic Pillow Without Cover – ?

I am interested too

Which one are you looking at?

Anyone know where the tufted headboard is from?

Would any of these be considered firm? I checked a couple, saw #4 density and “maximum support” and data did not compute :confused:

FYI: 1-10 or 1-7 are nice scales.

The Gel Memory Foam Contour Pillow - 2 sizes only lists one size in the specs tab. What are the dimensions of each size?

The Gel Memory Foam Contour Pillow arrived today. VERY SOFT! Absolutely no support!