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The Sealy Gel Series Meadow Mattress Set - Plush Tight Top has a “firmness” of “firm” in the specs.

And the Sealy Gel Series Meadow Mattress Set - Firm Tight Top features “Comfort level: plush”.

This is either wrong, or extremely confusing, especially since the Sealy Gel Series Meadow Mattress Only - Firm is, in fact, “firm”.

So is a quen bigger or smaller than a queen?

I bought the Boyd Specialty Sleep MFP00612 Wood Slat Storage Bed Base King Size
Quantity: 1 @ $149.99
Yes, that’s $50.00 more than current price
Best frame and support I could want. I have an 11-inch memory foam mattress which includes 5-inch cool gel memory foam — no box-springs of course.
Best buy I’ve made in my eight-and-one-half years as a WOOTER !!

And is the tiwn an extra rushed twin?

Har-dee-har-har. Took me a while to find them but I did. Sent them in for fixin.

Brats. :tongue:

How’s the frame for squeakiness during certain “activities”? Quiet?

Just to be certain, the Affinity mattresses are by Enso and not Enzo, right?

Whoops. Yep. And they ran that way previously with nobody catching it. Good job!

+1. I’m also curious.

If the bed is a squeakin’, don’t come a peekin’.

My memory foam mattress is currently on the floor, I’ve been considering getting a box spring and moving it off the floor. (I’ve already got a regular bedframe in storage)

Anyone have any advice, maybe pros/cons, to having a memory foam mattress on one of these bed bases without a foundation?

I’ve been looking at them but I can’t get past thinking that the foam mattress will poke through the slats.

Is the comfort level of the Sealy Gel Series Meadow Mattress Set (Plush Tight Top) “firm” or “plush”? The title states “plush”, but the specs state “firm”. I noticed these “plush” and “firm” designations keep changing here, and I’m completely confused. Would you PLEASE check & clarify?

We have the Tempurpedic with the Boyd foundation, and it is a perfect foundation for a memory foam mattress. It is much cheaper and more practical than what Tempurpedic want to charge you for their own foundation.

And to answer someone’s earlier question, no squeaking. Ever.

Do you know how high the wooden slats foundation is? I see the metal one is listed as 14" High and wanted to know if this one is the same height.

Should be quieter than associated “other” noises, if the activity is performed correctly.

The “Silver Metal Bed Base” is available at Walmart of cheaper, and with free shipping:

I actually purchased this model about a year ago, and no complaints whatsoever. Sturdy and stylish.

Hmm… anyone have insight on why the 8" mattress is slightly more expensive than the 10"?

Just a guess, but there is more base foam, which I would assume is more expensive? Also it seems to be one of their current models, vs one that seems to be from the past.