Mattresses & Mattress Foundations

This is no deal. It’s same as the Sleepmaster frames and even comes with mattresses free at Sam’s Club.

I don’t agree at all on the mattress. Your comparison is not right! The link that you have for Sam’s Club shows mainly RV mattresses whereas the one I see on this page is a regular 11" pocket spring mattress that you would use in a regular home setting and not in RVs. I believe the price and value are great for the Woot mattress listed in the event.

Totally agree. My BF just bought one off of Amazon and that thing is waay comfortable, to the point where I’m debating tossing my own bed frame in favor of this thing. Basically, if you have one of the bed frames that came “free” with your mattress, toss it and get one of these for the best price you can find. Your back will thank you.

The point I’m making is I don’t know anything about the mattress; the foundation is EXACTLY the same foundation.

I’m not talking about the mattress. I’m talking about the foundation.

“Headboard-footboard adapter plates allows you to affix your bed to your new frame in a matter of minutes”

Does this mean the adapter plates are included or will have to be tracked down and bought separately somewhere else? Thanks


I am a representative of Soft-tex, the manufacturer, 2 adapter plates are included with the frame. You can make a request to our customer service department if you need more! The number is 518-235-3645.


I am a representative of Soft-tex, the manufacturer, the frame you are looking at on other sites is a little different from ours. The one on Amazon has a specific height it stands at, ours has 2 different adjustable heights. The heights for ours are 10" and 14". Also, ours is made of steel and theirs is metal.

Thank you for the response :).

What is the compression of the SensorPedic 12" Euro-Top Quilted Gel-Infused Memory Foam Mattress, is this considered a firm, soft, or something in between mattress?

Ah yes, steel is much better than metal.

I would hesitate to buy from someone who thinks steel is not metal.



I am a representative of Soft-tex, the manufacturer. This mattress is considered firm, it has a quilted layer on top for cushioning on top of gel infused firm memory foam.