Mattresses: The Queens Of Slumber

This is the cheapest I have found it

Wayfair has some reviews of these pure rest beds. It is also cheaper here than anywhere (given the correct sizes…make sure to choose it from the dropdown).

Here is the Pure Rest 10" to compare price and reviews:[]=10183180#reviews

All seem to have good reviews. Again, it seems to be cheapest here at woot! to buy.

Why do we never see twin mattresses in here?

So does the 10" Queen mattress have 1" of memory foam, or 2 layers of varying density memory foam, for a total of 4 inches?

If you look at the third picture on woot, it tells you what each layer is and how thick.

It is sold out now though.

If you have the space for it, do yourself a favor and get a King sized bed.

I don’t understand how anyone can buy a mattress online. I need to lay on a mattress to feel the firmness/softness and to try many before I make a decision.

There is more to a good night’s sleep than a good price.