Maud's French Roast Coffee, 200-Count Coffee Pods

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Maud’s French Roast Coffee, 200-Count Coffee Pods
Price: $59.99
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Condition: New


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heeeyyyy–this should go on the gourmet woot-off instead so we can see more useless category-free crap…er, i mean, amazing deals! <;)

Agreed. Gourmet Woot for this.

What’s the shelf life on these? 200-count will take bit to get through.

I had to search to make sure this wasn’t some BOC coded prank…guess it real…Gourmet Woot?

Unsure if this is an inexpensive Box of Coffee or an expensive Bag of Crap… ?

Can’t go on gourmet… that might actually put something useful there.


I wish I knew what this tasted like. I’m a fan of French Roast, but not sure if Maud’s is worth buying 200 cups of.

It would still have B.O.C. as its initials in the title somewhere, like “Box of Coffee/Cups”.

Maud-dib’s Coffee Pod, just add water and the spice will flow.

What if it just tastes like crap?
Instead of a box of crap?
You’ll be stuck with a lot of shitty coffee

Pods? I thought pods were used in Senseo coffee makers and those in hotel rooms.

Keurig machines use “cups” in my experience. K-cups.

Nice! I was thinking the same thing :slight_smile:

The title says 200-Count, but the box says 100. Do we get two boxes?

Are there any BOCs today?