Maverick ET-901 Remote BBQ Thermometer and Timer



Price comparator post ! - Is this a good deal ? Let’s see ! :slight_smile:

New Maverick ET-901 Remote BBQ Thermometer and Timer, for $19.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Maverick Remote BBQ Thermometer and Timer - ET-901

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These are awesome! It is like a Tivo. It will change the way you cook!


VERRRRYYY Appetizing title there, woot.


Doubt Mom would like that one.


Best title to a description. Ever.


Does it have a “Your food is on fire” setting?


OK, befre I get hammered again, I mean Tivo will change the way you watch TV and this will change the way you cook!


Bought this for my dad last year, it barely worked right at all-- temperature was wildly inconsistent for a while and then ended up being about 20 degrees below actual temp, resulting in a pretty well done piece of meat. I think it’s since quit working at all. (he was trying to just get used to it being consistently off but I don’t think it stayed 20 degrees for long)

Not sure if it was a fluke or not but pretty disappointed with it.


I have one exactly like this. It’s great, but don’t under any circumstance immerse the probe in water or get it too wet or else you’ll have to buy another.


Got one of these from Woot a while back. I love it. Thanksgiving, it said “your turkey is done”. Getting two more for my kids.


I guess it isn’t father’s day yet. But, mabye if I buy this now I won’t to forget to buy something else in the future.


I bought this a while back during a woot off. It is great. i use it all of the time on the grill and in the oven. The transmitter has a great range too. I highly recommend!



I got one last year and it is crap.


If it’s a NEW product how did you buy it last year, amazon has no reviews either. $59 I remember woot having one but I don’t think it was this model or with voice.


I’m in for one, early Father’s Day present for me, tee hee!


have purchased two so far. love them both. kept one and gave one to my dad.


I would never use a meat thermometer. I do it by feel, the product of going to cooking school and working as a chef for 5 years. Notice that in the photo, the temperature is 170 degrees. That’s fine for poultry, but for beef, that’s well done. Yuck!

I’ll pass on this one…


before all the completely baseless, moronic whining begins…

this thing ROCKS. i have been using mine for about a year (picked her up in a woot-off last year). i smoke, and its lasted several overnight cooks, but is also great for basic oven work and even grilling (steaks).

if you don’t cook, don’t comment - or at least, don’t be so friggin stupid. this is a great woot. if you know anyone who smokes, grills, or even cooks anything in the oven, its a great woot.

the only issues… occasionally the receiver and transmitter don’t connect right away. just turn them both on and off a couple times. oh, and its really easy to leave the transmitter on since there’s no on/off indicator.

and i’ve washed the stupid probe dozens of times without issue.


Last offered on 4/25/07. Used it many time since then. Works like a charm. A real bargain.