Maverick Remote BBQ Thermometer & Timer

Be good with that grill earlier :0

Is it bad that a meat thermometer looks more high tech and fancy than my home phone?

So you don’t burn your meat.

I’ve had some real problems keeping mine in synch. Once they are in synch, they occasionally fall out too.

I’ve overdone a tenderloin thanks to this thing.

Use at your own risk…

got one a few years back. works great. can sit in house while my food smokes.

Works ok for me, though only seen limited use. I need to RTFM to get it working right much of the time. In for 2 for friends who liked it at the last BBQ.

Concept good, but this one broke fairly quickly. Find another brand.

They work great but not for long. I have had several of these, and the probe or the probe cord always screws up and then it doesn’t give the right temperature any more. I would steer clear of these ones, or buy 3 so that you can use them for a long time. I don’t know if you can buy new probes

Well if you stick around long enough i’m sure you’ll be able to find a new phone here.

Cook a 15 pound turkey from the comfort of the recliner. Does it do basting too?

If you could, would probably be more than $13

Works as advertised, and particularly helpful with monitoring overnight slow-and-low smoking. The only truly annoying thing is the voice prompt. You can’t shut it off, and the voice sounds like Shelly Duvall in early parts of The Shining, which is enough to drive anyone to near insanity. Why wouldn’t they make it a 900 operator’s voice? “I’m almost done with your meat” would be much better than “Your food is almost ready!”

Stocking stuff for dh done!

Be careful probing your meat.

I’ve had mine for about a year and have had zero problems with it. The only thing I would caution is that the default settings for “medium, medium-well, etc.” are fairly high and you may end up overdone. You can manually adjust these based on other criteria (USDA, recipes, etc.)

Looking for one of these for my Big Green Egg. Thanks Woot.

You might want to buy more than one or order replacement probe when it breaks. I had one by a different manufacturer and it’s probe broke after much use. Here is the webpage for Maverick instruction manual and there is a link to order replacement parts on their homepage also.

We have one of these, works fine as long as you stay in range, which for us means you can’t go into the house, so it sits in the kitchen drawer most of the time.

I have 2 of these from a previous woot.
Love’m. Only problem I have is the scary lady that tells me my “Food is almost ready!”