Maverick Remote BBQ Thermometer & Timer

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Maverick Remote BBQ Thermometer & Timer
$12.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Got one…next!

Monitor your dinner while you’re in the can!

Let me check my grammar before I buy one.

“Stick a remote in me, im done” just doesn’t have the same ring. Great fathers day gift

hmmm when I woke up there was a pork thing, and now when I finally check back on the woot off, there’s a beef thing. MEAT!!!

My S.O. is getting this right now…

to me, this defeats the whole purpos of BBQ’ing. I sit next to the grill and have an ample supply of beverages coming out. Why would I want to sit inside and watch a gauge. Direct monitoring & alcohol is the way to grill.

I can’t get this. It has no vegetarian settings. How will I know when my red peppers stuffed with mushrooms and nuts are done?

Got one, love it madly!

PROBE Tee Hee!!!

Can it remotely baste and turn for me, too?

This here device makes sure yer pork is cooked proper, ya’ hear?


Can I use it on my family members? How about when I’m tanning?

Got one of these from Woot years ago and love it. I use it both for cooking and for home brewing. I recommend it without hesitation.

Sweet! I kid you not, this is the one thing I was looking for in this Woot Off! Time to go! Well, I may stay for just a few more items. :wink:

Well, it does work very well when you’re trying to keep the temp right at, say, 220 to 225 for many hours and if you open it all the time to check on the temperature then you’ll mess up the cook…

I can still sit outside, enjoy my beverages and peer at the meat temp… WITHOUT opening my smoker.

Just sayin’…