Maverick Ventures LumPod Stick-On LED Flashlight

how funny… 500% shipping!!!

not worth the shipping

I was not aware that I was the type of person who enjoys dead orphans, but if woot says it is so, then it must be so… ::le sigh::

Sticking one on each paw of the cat…that should be good for laughs

Turn out the lights,
The party’s over…

This thing will attack my cell phone easily?

ya if this is of the same quality as the ‘3 LED booklights’…PASS…

thank you woot! :slight_smile:

Okay… What’d I just buy? :slight_smile:

Flashlights that stick on the wall? Huh?

can’t beat the price, in for 3

i have 8 million of these things if anyone is interested from another unnamed site that had a mystery box from he**

I still have 40+ of these from the famous thingfling mystery box that had these. I’ve been giving them away to everybody I know who would want these.

not cheap enough.

Where’s the light?

oh, snap!! pacemakers here i come!!!

i want a bag of crrrrrraaaaaaaaapppppp

not this craaaap!

another ‘bright’ idea by WOOT?

i’m in for 1, they look handy, so woot not, er i mean why not

WOO HOO…In for 3 or should I say 12!!! Hard to beat it for $.01

I got these in a BOC in December (November crap), and they are rather bright! I haven’t had the battery die, but I don’t use them all the time. Great for purse or wallet. I don’t think I’d actually stick one on my cell, but that’s me.

If you’re looking for a prize for shower games these would be fun!

I see the light, I’m just not buying any :slight_smile: