Max Speed Speedometer Car Watch



Whiskey Tango Foxtrot???


hi kind of looks hard to use… anyone have any experience with this?


I thought it read “Max Speed Speedometer Car Wash.”


Another watch? Really?


I was a lot more impressed with the watch before I saw that the gauges don’t move.




For some odd reason, I did as well.
The video of this watch just confused me. What’s the guy doing? It just looks like he’s pressing a lot of buttons. What does this watch actually do?


I have one with blue straps. It’s easy to figure out and use (it lights up in a fancy way when you push the top button, the regular way showing the time with the bottom one)
I got mine at midnightbox though, and it was 10 bucks.
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot is this doing up here for 40!?


Maybe same watch?! 6 bucks–china


Crap. I accidentally drunk bought one.


ehhhh… no.

I’d have to learn how to tell time all over again…


This thing is always on but the price is usually less than $20. Don’t know who bought this one for Woot but I think they got ripped off.


watch your speed. the authorities are watching.


Ahh, a man after me own heart! I resisted this one tho. :slight_smile:


I was tempted, but then I decided that I’m too old for this kind of crap.


why do people even buy/wear watches anymore? If you want jewelry on your wrist, get a nice bracelet. I don’t wear watches because I don’t need to even think about what time it is. ha!!


Excellent question. I have a job. And a family. In other words, responsibilities. that’s why I wear a watch.


minutes display from 5 to 55? The user is supposed to guess for minutes 56-59 & 0-4?


Max Speed? That’s my porn name…or my 80’s action hero name. I forget.