Maxell DHP-II Digital Headphones

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New Maxell DHP-II Digital Headphones, for $14.99 + $5 shipping
Product: 1x Maxell DHP-II Digital Headphones

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re: sellout blog
go to hell, UNC

I think these would go well with my new Pirate shirt…

Go Mizzou! Oh wait…

How are these for portable devices? I’d imagine they sound great in a computer already.

Amazon for 48.39 … review…

Wow i been waiting for a pair of headphones…But i use my headphones a lot the price is good but they have a thin wire and the band is rather weak on the sides…so if you drop them or snag them they will break…the price isn’t bad though has these listed for 48$…i guess ill wait til the next set of headphones are offered

My NCAA prediction: by tomorrow, all self-righteous MSU alums will spin it so that somehow 2nd place is actually a better achievement than the championship.

I’d like to convince myself I need these… I already have some nice Bose wireless headphones, but they’re heavy and make my ears sweaty and hot… and I have some sound-canceling Sony headphones, but they don’t have a 12’ cord made of two cords… and then there’s my multiple sansas, which all have headphones, but 6’ cords would be too much…
My girlfriend would probably stab me with a spork if she saw another Woot! box on the front porch, and she gets home before I do…

$48 bucks at Amazon with only 2 reviews, with both talking about construction concerns.

Pondering this though, I need some semi-disposable earphones for a trip to Beijing that I wouldn’t mind losing if I forget them on the plane.

What makes these digital. You’re still plugging into an analog jack.

Get a sansa from woot. Buy two then you can have a disposable sansa AND headphones! Efficient and economical!
There’s always cheap headphones that cost less to buy than the shipping from Woot! …just sayin’…

I abhor technologically illiterate marketing speak.

These are not digital headphones. They are analog. Maybe they are good headphones, maybe not. Once they get that wrong they’ve lost all credibility.

Now I’m off to open a bottle of digital beer with my digital bottle opener and pour it into a digital glass, then head to my digital bed for a good 4’b1000 hours sleep until my - hmmm, yes, it really is - digital alarm wakes me.

i, too, would like to know what makes this a digital device… this is analog until proven otherwise.

Digital = sales.
If it uses fingers, it’s digital!
Or it has some magical “digital” surround sound feature built in…
Or, um… if it interferes with the operation of R/C helicopters and your fleet of roombas, it’s digital!
It’s like HDTV and HDRadio… but not. Digitally analogous!
GM cars in the 80s and early 90s had digital speedometers, most of which no longer work correctly, so is this a prediction that these, too, will be useless or expensive to replace in time?

I’m bored. And some people have no sense of humor or the understanding that at this time of night, people don’t take time to think because they spent the majority of the day working.

edited because some people have no sense of humor

Do these cancel out noise, mainly kids?

I need some headphones but they need to be able to block out the kiddos so I actually hear the music.

Re: Digital.

Guh, who give’s a damn? They’re effing headphones. You know what they do, you know how they work, they’re cheap and seem to be decent.

No, but screaming parents do. At least, that’s what I heard.

Not all headphones work the same. Some don’t work period right out of the package.