Maxell DHP-II Digital Headphones

Ah heck, who cares if they’re digital or analog, they’re $50 on amazon, retail for $100, and are reputedly worth $200. If I could just gotta think of a reason why I need them…

It’s analog living in a digital world.

And to some extent, you are right, but my 3 year old has a POWERFUL set of lungs.


It means the marketing droids are lying or incompetent. Therefore anything else they claim cannot be believed. Hence the specifications - that one would ordinarily use to judge how good the product is - are meaningless.

I just got these last week when had them for $19.99 w/ free shipping (same price for the mathematically challenged).

They are awesome. They sound great, have a terrific frequency response and the bass is incredible. I bought them to mainly use in my office but I also use them when I’m playing my PS3 late at night.

They’re extremely comfortable with plenty of padding and the cups fold sideways for easy storage. I keep them in my laptop case and take them to and from the office daily.

They are a great deal and are too good to pass up for anyone looking for headphones.

This is totally off-topic, but this guy has no idea what he’s talking about. HDTV and HD Radio are both digital transmissions, not analog. And they both use the same frequency ranges that the old analog version uses/used.

For HDTV they used different TV channels, but they were still TV channels. Like in my area, channel 5’s digital signal was actually broadcast on channel 53. You could tune your old analog TV to it and “watch” the digital channel with your analog TV. Of course, all it would look like is snow, but with a slightly more regular pattern. You could actually see the difference between regular snow and digital signal snow though.

For HD Radio, they’re actually using a hybrid signal which broadcasts both the analog and the digital channels on the same frequency by encoding them together before broadcast.

So neither HDTV or HD Radio are analog in any form. Heck, if you don’t believe me, go read Wikipedia or any similar resource.

THANKS DarrelG, you sold me. I am picking them up so I can play the XBox at night after the wifey has gone to bed. GRACIAS WOOT!

Super dope. Needed some headphones and bought these

Are you kidding me?

I’m in for three…

Good Deal!

Look at this price!


$777 @

Can anybody who has had experience with both tell me how these compare to the Everglide headphones that Woot kept selling on a regular basis a while ago?

These would make the perfect accessory for my “secret” movie collection.

I’m quite satisfied with my Sennheiser HD 595’s.

Target wants $89 for them

Do you do any voice chat? I know they seem expensive but my Turtle Beach X3’s are AMAZING for this very reason. I’m being called the xBox Whisperer though because I still have to whisper into the mic. But wireless audio and voice is phenomenal.

Dynamic Closed headphones… if I’m not mistaken, Closed= passive noise canceling 'cause they just don’t let any sound get in. What’s dynamic mean though?

RE: HD Radio, Somebody needs to learn something about communication networks at the physical layer. Start with COFDM. Do you describe the internet as a series of tubes?

I found a review praising these. From Nov 2008 review:

My first WOOT! W00t!

Please tell me that mannequin comes with it. I need something to practice my karate kicks on.

I have the Everglides and they are great but a bit heavy. Also, the ones I have are gaming phones with multidirectional somethinorother. These seem more convenient for music and regular listening but not as tough (my Everglides get much dropping and twisting and are still good).
btw: the amazon rating is based on only 2 reviews. somebody needs to learn a bit about data. Both reviews said they sound terrific but worried about durability.