Maxell DHP-II Digital Headphones

So the question is, do we disregard everything that guy says since he can hardly put a decent sentence together, or do we take that as extra credibility because the bass is so powerful it rattled his brains and he forgot decent English?

I do have an idea what I’m talking about, but I was being silly… nor did I care about putting in the right thing. Read the whole post, and get a sense of humor.

It’s not a truck. You also need a sense of humor; I was not being serious.

Go you. Analogously digital. Marketing speak is the ultimate misusage of the bastardized language that is English.

{woot rationalizations}

  1. At this price, if the hinge breaks while riding along mowing the lawn, I can afford to toss them and get the next pair out of the box.

  2. If any survive the year of lawn care, I can give the remaining pair(s) to nephews for Christmas !!!

{/woot rationalizations}

In for 3…

I’m in for 3…

No… not for the headphones… but for head dummy head!!!

Woot… I expect to get 3 dummy heads with my order!!! You guys failed to print your usual disclaimer excluding anything else pictured…lol

Digital Headphones??? what’s digital about them? as far as I know headphones are analog unless they have a D/A converter, are USB or at least a digital power on/off switch, a digital something… these are as analog as any other ordinary headphones… Prove me wrong!

i wonder if these are better than my sennheiser EH 150…

Seconded – I was wondering the same thing. I have the Everglides – I pretty much agree w/ what the other Wooter said (they’re big and heavy, but pretty durable. Sound is pretty rich/smooth, but the highs are a little … muffled?)

I think they just mean that they’re ‘designed’ for digital high-definition sound sources. But then ALL current model headphones would be that, I know…just marketing code words.

Duh! They are portable because they come with a sleek carrying case. Everyone knows its all about the stylish carrying bag/case that makes the product portable.

Yes, you can put the headphones in their mouths and voila !!! no more noise…

what a deal! thanks, woot - ordered two!

It goes to show how much I’ve come to expect of Woot’s product descriptions that I feel compelled to add a comment mentioning that the MSU/UNC/Kim Jong-Il sequence is messed up a few times, especially near the bottom.

Grade: Good effort, but you can do better. B+

“Dynamic,” in this context, probably means “passive,” as in no built-in amplifier.

The 103 dB @ 1mW spec means they’re plenty efficient to play loud enough from your iPod or Sansa to thwart the European maximum-volume limitation, if your device is from there.

The 1/8" (small) plug means they’re suited to plug into a digital music source. (But what isn’t, today?)

Maxell has a long history of making very nice-sounding audio supplies. I just found a 30-year-old cassette tape (XL-II-S), and it still sounds great (for a cassette).

I have a heavy old pair and a lightweight noise-cancelling pair, and I’m still considering these.

Well… I’m off to the Doctor’s office for my annual Digital Prostate Exam. In the middle of the exam my doctor apologizes for putting his patients thru this unplesant task… Except when it’s his lawyer. 'Nuff said.

silly boy - have them shipped to work! if that doesn’t work, tell her they are for her - a gift!

Great review… however this site appears to ONLY give great reviews. I checked a bunch of other headphone reviews on this site and they all are give “must have” type recommendations.
Oh well…

I bet these would work well while Pete Townshend’ing my guitar and not bothering anyone since these headphones have the 1/4" adapter to fit my amp (and I lost my last adapter).

On second thought, maybe my windmilling would bother them. I suppose so would smashing my guitar on the floor. Stupid libraries and their rules on being quite.

Wikipedia is a resource? For what?