Maxell Universal Tablet Sound System

Far cheaper than anything else I can find online, sadly I can’t find any reviews. Been looking for something similar for watching stuff on my Kindle while on the Treadmill. If I’m gonna exercise, I’m gonna be entertained while doing it, but the audio on the kindle isn’t that great.

is this compatible for the older acer a500 tab?

Are you sure it handles the Kindle? That’s what I’m interested most in. Kindle connection is micro-USB, which is not the same as iDevices.

I was wondering will this work the the Motorola Xoom and the Acer Slider ?

The Kindle has a 3.5 audio jack input also. You can use it for this as well as headphones.

Right, but I wonder if it fits in the dock? Or charges (I assume not)? Looking for a good dock to hook my Kindle up to my big stereo to play Spotify, etc…

This is just based on looking at the pictures–I believe the reason it is called a “Universal Tablet Sound System” is because it does not provide a socket for charging a specific device; it does, however, provide a USB socket for one to use their own tablet’s respective charger to be used with the dock.

This doesn’t look like its capable of charging even an iPad. It can’t “dock” on the side and charge unless you plug into the bottom of the iPad. The charger for the iPad 3 is 10w. So I think this will work just as a dock and you supply the charging. Unless I’ve misunderstood your question.

It has a USB port so you can run the charge cable tor any device through it for power to the tablet

40.88 at Wally World

I see but the charger for an iPad is 10w. This shows less wattage overall for output. Or does that not matter? For $20 I’m willing to take a chance.

Price rundown
$14.99 here
$28.05 in stock
$40.88 as mentioned above, in stock

$19.77, but shipping at least $3.55 more, in stock
$40.57 in stock
$42.14, in stock
$31.88, in stock

How much is the shipping

Has to be plugged into an outlet to work, so no go for me. I need something portable, especially for a Kindle Fire!

Said to be “portable and lightweight”. I agree it’d be very silly if it’s portable in size and needs external power!

The “Total Power Output” is for the speakers. The USB port is 5 watts (volts x amps = watts) so it will charge an iPad but very slowly…roughly twice as long. When my wife plugs her iPad into one of those little 5W cube chargers while she’s using the iPad, it at least keeps the battery from running down.

As for the total 6W speakers, they will give decent volume that can be heard over the shower or make good background music for a party, but not suitable for anything louder than that, e.g. dance music, even with the sub drivers. After a quick google search, I could not find a reliable source for the wattage of the iPad internal speakers for comparison. I think for the price, this is a deal.

One other thing: IMHO, the universal feature is a plus for Apple products as every single speaker dock I own (roughly seven) has a broken 30-pin plug on it, and NOT due to abuse! Using a replaceable cable is most welcome.

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It will play fine through the 3.5mm headphone jack. It won’t charge though- these don’t have enough power output through the USB to charge a tablet battery. Phones will charge fine though.

Can I hook this up to my laptop via usb and get decent sound? Last external speaker I bought for the laptop quit after short time, besides, it didn’t produce decent sound when new.