Maximm Max2p USB Surge Protector- 2 Pack

Maximm Max2p USB Surge Protector- 2 Pack


No! wait! not shocking! Ignore me.


Huh, odd, I can’t see what the next item is.



Who was asking for walkie talkie receivers a few weeks back, it’s next!

was it @SylvreKat

For some reason I keep seeing only the sold out item and need to see the updated items on my phone, or go through the forum and click on the new link.

Try restarting the app? Flush all the goblins out?

I did that before. This is kind of a continuation from what was happening during the last Woot-Off. But I’ll try it now.

Reset your whole phone. It sounds weird but worked for me

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Sorry, I can see the updated items on my phone, but on my desktop through Chrome was not working, and has not been working since the last Woot-Off. I switched browser modes, so now it looks okay. My phone always logs me out for bocs and I have a very long email address so using my phone to try to grab a boc is not an option for me. Browser and phone now seem to be matching in deal time.

Okay, no, phone app still faster, but it’s only a one or two minute delay between browser and phone, so that’s better. I’ll keep checking though. I think it may be my laptops connection.

App is faster. We’re halfway through updating our retail feed. Phone & mobile web are on the new feed (faster) and desktop is still on the older one (slower).

Oh. Okay. That explains. I’ll keep trying the app., but it doesn’t like to keep me logged in. Fingers crossed:).