Maximo Data & Charging Cable for Sansa Players

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Maximo Data & Charging Cable for Sansa Players
$0.01 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Quit with the Sansa already!

crap soon?

Suddenly that lamp shade doesn’t seem too shabby…

What’s your favorite dish?

I am not going to make it, but i’ll order it from SANSAbar

Now they’re just finding shiznit laying around the warehouse. Screaming Monkey replacement capes can’t be far away.

BUY THREE! hurry

Crap has come and gone…

it would be nice if there was something to go with this cable

why would i need this? i have 3 from when i bought 3 players


monkeys must be coming soon.

will this work with a Mac???

Sansa so much better than icarp. just had to get it started again. got 6

Lots of Sansa stuff today…

lol who’s stupid enough to buy only 1?

Yes. More junk.

Just shoot me.