Maximo FM Transmitter & Charger for Sansa Players

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Maximo FM Transmitter & Charger for Sansa Players
$9.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Well this is useless…

I thought this was an apple one at first and got excited. Oh well. Better yet they could just woot a headphone jack model.

will this clean my carpet?

roh roh

god. I have a nicer one of these i wish someone would buy from me!

Guess how many wooters have a Sansa?

Does this work with an iPhone too??

same, I almost bought it in my wo0toff rush mindset.

WTF! - Woot Too Fast.
If a Woot occurs and no one gets to bid on it, does it really happen?

I’ve got one of these, it works great with my Sansa. I just wish I could find one that works as well with my iPod as it does.

Shame they spend so much time on some of these write-ups when ya barely get a chance to read 'em.

hopefully this will work with the fuze

This’ll go great with my Sansa Fuze… that I also got on here.

will this work with my recently purchased 64GB ipod touch 3rd gen?

now for something useful…?

This works for me, I mean how many Sansa have they sold lately?

Compatibility list?

I have 3 Sansas - none use a 30-pin connector.