Maximo FM Transmitter & Charger for Sansa Players

mines for an apple! you can have it for the same price!

Will this work with my sansa clip?

They sold out of this??? I didn’t know there were that many Sansa players in use.

I finally find an item I want, and I wasn’t fast enough! Argghh Woot!

Is this compatible with the skil laser?

I wasn’t fast enough.

We’ve got two wooted Fuzes, and Mr. mags uses his in his car all of the time. The battery is always dead - so he steals mine. Then my battery is dead.

If I could have gotten one of these, he’d quit stealing mine.

me toooo. I got excited about it and thought about how I can return the one I have right now (since it was expensive)…-_-

I received mine the other day, used it for about 2 minutes, til I threw it out the window.
what a piece of junk. :frowning:
It did plug into my fuze, just FYI