Maximo iM-290 iMetal Stereo Earbuds

Are these the same ones we just bought a few weeks ago?

Anyone ? What makes these more valuable than a dollartree item ? Only reason I can see is the fear to leave your home.

I guess I may have to purchase. Germs!

These types of earphones are downright painful. Ouch!

C’mon Woot - we need a good hit this week.

Again? Didn’t they just have these on the main woot site (or was it here?) like 3 or 4 days ago? Wtf?

Damn it, I just bought these for $20 last week.

In any case, they’re pretty good.

They’re not the same.

SO what is the advantage of these over the ear buds that came with my iPod?

Got these a couple weeks ago when they first offered them. Not a bad buy at all. Sound pretty good, I think. They can get a little painful for me after extended use, but they work well, and they come with some good stuff.

Oh, that’s right. The one’s on woot were the 490s, disregard my post.

Yeah I just looked at My Account. The w00t for the others was for the 490s. Wonder what the difference is…

Great Reviews and a great price. I’m in for 2

Also, i need new ones because my current headphones give my ears small shocks once every 10 minutes or so and after an album it begins to hurt

Review: HERE

To answer questions on the difference:
the 290 is a budget set but it got very good reviews
the 490 is a more high end set designed for sansa’s

If anyone is interested, i read that the 390 is like the 490 but designed for ipods

does anyone really LIKE earbuds? i always feel like they are going to plop out of my head at any moment.

i also always seem to have trouble hearing the sound fully without JAMMING them into my ear hole.


is there any diffrence between these and the ones sold a few weeks ago?

the ones they offered before (not the in-ear ones, the ones like these) sounded ok, but were uncomfortable as hell. I use the extension cable for my Razer m100s at work. :stuck_out_tongue:

The designs are different too:

^ Maximo iM-290

^490 model

While I’ve not tried these, I greatly prefer ear buds. They don’t hurt my ears, press against my skull/pinch anything, pull out hair, don’t have to worry about them fitting over the head or around the neck, and I generally find them less cumbersome and less annoying than any other option. I’m still waiting for more of the Razer ones, personally.

Sennheiser makes a great set of “twist to fit” earbuds. water ressistant and great bass. the twist to fit makes it so you dont have to jam them in your head and they can also partially seal the ear canal so that you have less interference from outside noises.