Maximo iM-290 iMetal Stereo Earbuds



i heard these were nice but i hate earbuds so im out


These are awesome. Own a few pairs.




in for three - I’ll gift two and keep the last for my iPod… NICE!




i ordered a pair of JVC marshmallows a few days ago so I must pass. horrible anyway

can’t wait to receive my Marshmallows so I can do a couple mods and make it sound awesome! it’ll replace my KSC75 for the gym :smiley:


I’ve bought this pair 3 times from woot. While they don’t stay in your ear as well as some earbuds, their sound quality is superb. The sound as good as pairs that can cost $50+


got two, just look at the pics…great deal!!! thanks! woot. i live like two miles from woot. see you tomorrow. LOlzzzz


Heck, the accessories are worth the price. I don’t even care about the buds…


own a pair and I might buy a second for my girlfriend. The sound awesome for being ear buds…


I got these from Woot back in December when they were $7.99. Not bad sounding, especially for this price, but I don’t find them to be very comfortable.


I thought these were medical equipment. But I guess not.
Amazon liked it.


my wife vacuumed my creative zenv v plus earbuds… to replace them with these at 10 bucks shipped, she will live another day.



Its hard to find shorter headphone extension cables, and that plus the two adaptors is a bargan.


Go them from woot when they were $5.99. Good phones. And the accessories are nice. I would buy more if I didn’t have 20 pairs of earphones already.


I’m in for three. Maybe the “Metal” will last longer with the abuse I put earbuds through.


Already got two pairs of these… gave both pairs away and kept the extension cable/adapters. I don’t think I need any more. :stuck_out_tongue:

I found the actual earphones quite uncomfortable. YMMV.


To previous buyers of these: how durable are the headphones?

I always seem to break my earbuds after only a couple months from accidentally tugging at the cords too much.


yo dog, you be givin’ like santa!