Maximo IM-390 Imetal Isolation Earphones withTravel Kit

CNET review

$33.63 from our friends at Amazon

look, iJunk! Buy it!

I bought these guys a while back, and they lasted for about 6 months. Then the left earbud went out. The sound quality is very good though.

The earphones are very very “tinny”. The rest of the kit is great, though.

For your Sansa! And whatever else uses USB charging, so long as you already have the cable. And who doesn’t, am I right?

I’m in for one

This looks to be equipped with a cable for the old Sansas. If you have a clip+, then you can substitute a standard mini-usb cable and all the adapters should still work.

This is a great deal! I love these earbuds! I paid more for these about a year ago, just for the earbuds. The extras make this an even better deal! These work well for noise isolation and give good bass. Be sure to burn them in some when they arrive!

What if you don’t have a Sansa?? This woot-off gets worse by the moment!


A 25lbs headphone set? Where’s the keyboard & screaming monkey?

Put these on and you’ll feel lonely and isolated!!!

Don’t forget, Wooters and Wootees, that while the Sansa connector looks like the iPod connector, they are not wired the same. Using this cable to charge your iPod would be a bad thing.

I am ALWAYS losing the charging cords for my Sansas that I got here on Woot… and since these are outlet/car charger/USB chargers, too… Had to get one!

Bought these awhile back w/o the travel kit. They’ve held up fairly well but both the buds housing separated and I had to super glue them back together (after about a year and a half). They still seem to work great though.

<-- wonders why “they are better than stock iPod headphones” mean anything to anybody.

I got these in a previous woot and they are by far the WORST earbuds I have ever used. They were very uncomfortable and the sound quality was below even that of the basic Ipod earbuds.

They did block out a lot of sound however. I just couldn’t stand everything else about them.

I love everything about noise canceling headphones, and these are pretty great, but they are VERY small. If you’re not good with small headphones, I would pass and spend your money on full sized headphones, instead.