Maximo iM-490 iMetal Isolation Earphones Woot Info Post
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Maximo iM-490 iMetal Isolation Earphones [New] - $12.99 + $5 shipping

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A couple of reviews on Amazon

Love these headphones…until the break in 4 months or so. If that life span is worth $18, go for it, but im moving on to a different brand.

I bought these a while back when they were on the Woot mainsite. They are definitely worth the money. They are comfortable and have very good sound.

Any opinions on the company and its lifetime warranty replacement? Do they charge you a handling fee if you try to go for an exchange (a la Koss)?

As a matter of fact, I do. I was walking my bike and they got caught on the seat and snapped. the jack was ripped off and a whole earbud fell off. These were like a year old or something. I realized there was a lifetime warranty, so I emailed them, forwarded them the woot receipt and I got an envelope. I put the pieces of my earbuds in it and within the week I had Brand new earbuds. It was totally my fault. They replaced them anyway.

I made a pact that whenever these were on woot I’d buy them cause they are my favorite earbuds period. However, I bought 3 the last time so with those and the lifetime warranty I’m pretty set

Here’s the discussion from a Previous Woot

Love the headphone, sounds great for the price, as long as you get a good seal on the headset. Only downside is that the woot version doesn’t come with the awesome round carrying case.

An impressive review at Optempo

The pouch was included in the 2008 Woot that I linked to, but price was $2 more.

edit: actually, today’s listing DOES say the pouch is included. Go Woot!

They have great bass, which is what I like. The highs aren’t to harsh when you do crank them up to really almost feel the bass. Buy 3 cause once you’ve got them you wish you had more. I give these to my kids (13yr old twin boy and girl) Who always seem to lose or break expensive headphones. Plus if you’re watching a movie on a dvd in a plane the sound will be even for all 3 of you. Great phones.

the girlfriend loves them. They’ve lasted her over 3 months now and she’s tough on headphones. Well worth the buy.

I purchased 2 or 3 of these and love them. I gave one to my daughter (lost); gave her another (lost) and just purchased 2 more “spares”. I am hanging on to my current one until they arrive.

I was very impressed with the quality and the isolation aspects of them. I picked up the Wicked Ear Buds I think for $5 from Woot and like those too; but I would much rather have these; I just wish my daughter would quit losing them. As with most things she loses, it seems to be temporary. I am sure I will be able to recover the misplaced ear buds in time.

Bottom line: Recommend purchase.

I own a pair of these, and I Love them. Great sound, deep bass, even at low volume levels. The best -in ear- earphones that I have.

Here is a CNet review-

Here are some prices from Shopzilla:

Got two pair of these here previously. Great sound, and they have hung in there through my clumsy useage. Really decent deal; you can buy much worse earphones for a lot more money.

I have a fancy AKG headphone setup for my audio recording work, but I check mixes on these Maximos as well.

I bought these from the main Woot site a few months back as well. The bass is very good as well.

I had a problem with the left headphone a few weeks ago, and the company has been awesome to work with on getting a new set. Worth the price, plus shipping.

Great headphones if you want to drown everyone else out.

Just wanted to throw in that I’m another happy previous wooter. They sound good, look good, feel good. They reside in my back jeans pocket every day and haven’t shown any wear that I can notice. They also almost never poke me (not that it would be their fault if they did) when sitting on them.

Considering picking up another pair just so I wont have to go without should one ever break. From the reviews you can tell it happens sometimes.