Maximo iM-490 iMetal Isolation Earphones Woot Info Post, maaaannnn.

Maximo iM-490 iMetal Isolation Earphones [New] - $12.99 + $5 shipping

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These are great eargoggles.
I purchased a set for myself about a year ago and have purchased 3 more as backups…

Great sound and great comfort

Lowest new price shipped is 29.99 atAmazon

Too bad these don’t have a hard case to protect them…or come in purple.

Also 4 stars with 67 reviews

I wonder how these compare to the “Wicked Little Buds” I bought a while back.

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So how exactly are these better than cheapo ones? Is the bass quality? I don’t know headphones…

Thanks nightghost. Welcome to woot.

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These are my favorite earbuds, end of discussion. Seriously though, other than the song You Raise Me Up by Josh Groban the sound quality is fabulous, the buds feel natural, sturdy and expensive. You can get terrible earbuds for $20, and if I didn’t have a substantial earbud/headphone collection and if I had money I’d buy 3 pairs. They make great gifts. If you know someone who suffers with the earbuds that came with their MP3, $13 will get you their gratitude

I got these exact headphones from a woot-off last fall. I like the sound a lot, and it comes with 3 different size rubber parts for all different sizes of ears. They fit my ears perfectly (for what that’s worth…) and I really think they do a good job blocking out outside noises.

One major problem with these is the plug part is straight, not L-shaped like a lot of headphones. I used mine daily, and they took a lot of abuse. The metal part on the earbuds (on both sides) are separating for me now, so I had to tape them together. I’d suggest these for home use, but not for out and about. I still get good sound even if they are falling apart.

Absolutely amazing, considering the price. Bought these years ago from here and used them last year on a flight to China & Japan. Blocked out everything better than the expensive ones I bought specifically for the purpose (these were my backups). No problems on fit either. The extender is nice as the main cord is somewhat short.

So I bought these a few months ago and I have a few pros and cons about them.


  • AMAZING sound. The blend of base, treble, etc. is great.
  • Blocks out noise. It does a great job at it and makes it almost completely silent.


  • They ended up hurting the inside of my ears after a prolonged period of use. Not from the sound, but just from the fit.
  • The 3 different tips that are included all did not give me a “snug” fit, maybe I have special ears, but the headphones would end up sliding out every time I would use them.
  • When I went running with them, they would always slide out as well. This highly disappointed me because I love running and listening to music but it was a complete hassle to have to push the little devils back into my ears.

Overall thoughts:

  • I don’t use these as my headphones anymore, they are really good, but I just had no luck with them and gave me more trouble than they were worth. There is nothing bad about the design and sound, just not a fit for me.

Frequency response: 18Hz-22KHz

I have these. With them my daughter can hear up to 16KHz. But with other headphones she can hear up to 17KHz. What gives?

I can only hear to 12KHz, so does not matter to me! :frowning:

To be clear, I am happy with them. But they do fall out of my ears after 5-10 minutes. So I must push them in once in a while. Tried all 3 sizes.

If you ever snag the wire on something and pop them out quickly, the suction hurts! I guess it tries to pull your eardrums out! Ouch. With that suction you would think they would stay put. Slow leak I guess.

I bought one of these on a previous woot. Great sound, great fit, and a satisfying metallic “clink” when the buds smack into each other.

The day after I got mine, I ran them through the washer by accident as a rigorous consumer product test. After a few days drying out, I was surprised that they were good as new! Yay!

I wooted these before. Super comfy, great sound I love them.

Only one Caveat: When working out in the gym If you work up really good sweat they sometimes get a little slippery and have trouble staying in your ears. Does not happen all the time though and I still use them at the gym.

My friend bought them for me during a woot off like two months ago. Here are some of my thoughts: the sound is great for a pair of $30 earphones and an absolute bargain at $12. They are about as good as my head-direct RE2s (dunno if anyone can get a good comparison off of this). The ear tips are some of the softer ear tips I have used yet. The build quality is great and should last you a while.

Those are the iM-490S, supposedly tuned especially for Sansa. The present Woot is the iM-490, which is here at Amazon. Note that one of the reviewers says he’s unsure there’s a difference, though.