Maximo iM-490 iMetal Isolation Earphones

Are these any good? Cable length seems short

Might grab these for my Droid X.

$34.95 on Amazon

Thank you woot overlords…my last pair of noise isolating earbuds were killed today. In for 1

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These have a “lifetime” warranty but dont know if you really want to go through the hoops with it. I got 3 of these last month from woot and 2 out of the 3 are already broken. One the left ear doesnt work at all any more, the other I have to pull it out some (no matter what its plugged into, even the included cable extender) for the sound to even work. The 3rd one hasnt been opened yet. Did a RMA on the first one and it took several days (close to a week) to get a reply with an RMA number. Havent RMA’ed the second one yet since MaximoProducts.Com was either down or gave error messages a couple weekends ago.

As for the product itself, they are nice headphones. Sound is good and the bass is good.

I still prefer the Monster Turbine more than these, but they cost about 5X’s more.

I’ve bought a number of pairs of Maximo earbuds, including this pair, and they’ve all been great at 2 things. 1) Having amazing sound quality for the price, 2) Falling out of your ears.
That said, they’re fine if you’re staying put. Just don’t wear them while exercising and such.

It comes with an extender, if I remember correctly.

I have 4 of these… they sound great for the price. extremely balanced sound and clear. you need to spend over $100 to find better earphones than these.

these are IN-ear. if you don’t insert them properly, they will sound tiny and have no bass. also, if you have a funny shaped ear canal, they might fall off easily.

I bought a pair of these a year ago. Best cheap earphones I’ve ever had. The sound quality is very nice, and the sound isolation is good. Usually I can’t hear people talking loudly near me while I’m wearing them.

Only drawback for me is that they stick out a little more than regular earbuds, making it very painful to use them under a motorcycle helmet, but YMMV.

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I got these on the last go-round ^^^
I love them. My ears are very sensitive and these have several insert sizes that are very accommodating. I gave a pair to my little sister and she likes them as well.

I would say buy 3 and give some as gifts.

I exercise with mine and have had no problems with the cables coming undone (As always, YMMV [Your monkeys may vibrate]) or any sound degradation.

Those ear things look uncomfortable. The earplug type are the best.

I got these last woot for a couple of bucks more. They’re worth every penny at this price. If you go to these from cheap stock earbuds you’ll notice a nice overall improvement in sound quality, especially in the area of bass response. I’d say these are some of the better dynamic driver based canalphones I’ve heard.

They’re not the very best audiophile quality IEMs but even if you own higher-end phones these make very worthy, sturdy (in my experience, anyway), good-sounding beaters that are cheap enough for rough duty.

Not really. You can find the Monster Cable’s Turbine for about $50 on alot of sites.

The black earplug part is not solid rubber, it is a thin flap-type flange-thing. I find it to be much more comfortable than any other ear-bud (in-ear or otherwise).

To be more clear, these ARE in-ear, the silver part (speaker/sound driver) hangs out (which may be inconvenient for some, but does reduce the area of contact for your ear).

can’t seem to get an order placed. Click on Want One, page goes to deals.woot. Click on Want One there, page goes to sellout.woot.
Any ideas?

I bought these from Woot in Jan 08 and they were immediately relegated to Emergency-Only use. Sound quality is alright, but they absolutely will not stay in the ear canal.

Metal is just the worst choice for in-the-ear headphones. Their weight causes them to fall out easily with any amount of movement, no matter how many different sizes and shapes of tips you try.

My favorite pair of canal isolating phones is the Siege Stealth. I have used them for all day listening sessions and for hundreds of hours while riding my mountain bike. They have large drivers in a plastic housing with correct ergonomics that sit very close to the ear. They don’t cost $100 either. You can find them at a bunch of web retailers for $40 and less. $40 for a pair of Sieges is a steal, whereas you are more like to regret spending $10 for these Maximos.

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I bought a pair of these on a previous woot. I used them the other day on an extended motorcycle ride. Loud bike, no helmet, really decent sound. In for three just to have a set wherever I might need them.

These have better sound quality than the earbuds offered by Apple, but they don"t have the cool volume and song control features that the new earbuds do.