Maximo iM-490 iMetal Isolation Stereo Earphones

Small, medium and Dumbo!

The good: The Maximo iM-490S iMetal earphones offer great bass response; a stylish, chrome-like finish; a comfortable fit; and a handy cable extender. The earphones are relatively inexpensive, and the package includes a hardshell case with a cable manager.

The bad: Sound from the Maximo iM-490S iMetal earphones leans heavily toward the low-end, which can give music a muffled quality. The Y portion of the cable is especially thin, causing concern for durability.

The bottom line: These may not be the best earbuds for audio purists, but the Maximo iM-490S iMetal Isolation Earphones should please bass addicts after inexpensive sound isolation.


Key Specifications:

* Drivers: 9mm neodymium
* Frequency Response: 18Hz – 22kHz
* Sensitivity (1KHz, 0.1 V): >100dB
* Maximum SPL Output: >120dB
* 4 ft. Cable Length (with 2 ft. extension cable)
* 3 sizes of eartips
* Carrying Case
* Lifetime Warranty

Best earbuds I’ve owned, and the price is hard to beat.

Bought these during a last woot, I feel like they were more then. At any rate, great headphones! I remember last time the issue in the discussion was if they would stay in while you run, sure everyone is different but I have found they stay in perfectly. Great sound as well! If you need a pair, grab these.

Well, here’s my obligatory “these things are great!” review:

These things are great! For the price, they sound good, are rugged and of good quality, and are surprisingly good at blocking out outside noise.

My wife hates it when I use these because she has to scream at the top of her lungs to get me to hear her. That just makes me like it more, however.

I got these before, the sound quality is pretty good and they lasted 6 months for me. The wiring at the tip isn’t very durable and excessive bending will cause the copper wire inside to snap.

got them off Woot (a couple months ago?) for about the same price, and found them to be an excellent value. They perform just as well as $50 headphones. Thanks Woot!

The fidelity of sound and bass in these is incredible. They are comfortable enough to wear for hours. I got 3 last time and gave 2 away. I got 3 more for gifts this time. I’d get one for everyone in my family if woot would let me buy 10.

These are mildly to incredibly uncomfortable if you leave them in your ears for more than 20 minutes. I’ve had another pair of sound isolation phones (Creative Ep-830) and they only started bugging me after an hour or so. I think it might have something to do with how heavy the metal is with these and the subsequent penchant it has of sitting on your very sensitive skin inside of your ears.

That said, they sound great and keep noise out fairly well. And there’s less (though still quite a bit) of that “whomp whomp” sound you get from the cable sashaying all over the place in comparison to those Creatives I had a while back.

*oh, and I’ve had them for three months now and they still work fine.

Shana Tova!

I bought a pair of these in June. I used them several times per day because my car stereo got stolen. They worked great, up until they just stopped working two days ago. Don’t buy if you want more than a few months use out of them.

Are they okay for running & working out? Do they fall out?

edit: I think thunderingwei answered that for me.

do these have good bass? The “iMetal” makes it sound like they are optimized for rock

For $15 there’s no reason to pass up on these, especially if you’re looking for good earbuds. Even at their MSRP I can’t think of a comparable quality set. I bought a pair last time they were for sale on here and really enjoy them, probably the best set of earbuds I’ve ever had, though I don’t go out of my way to buy super expensive earbuds. For the price of some of the “luxury” buds I’d rather get a nice set of monitors.

Bought these things a year or so ago, nice and sturdy, great sound. Probably the best sort of earbuds out there.

What’s so “Isolation” about these ear buds?

These headphones are awesome. Best ones I have owned.


I bought these exact headphones a few months ago from Woot. They worked well for about 2 weeks then one of the ear buds just stopped working.

These will work with any standard 1/8th inch stereo plug, from your classic Sony Walkman to the new Zune HD.
I bought 3 of these a while back from Woot and absolutely LOVE them. I’m sure you can spend lots more on headphone for slightly better sound quality, but the bang-for-your-buck factor is hard to beat with these. Bass response is slightly less than I like, but I can live with it. Very comfortable once you figure out which tips work best for you. I’ve used them for 3+ hours straight with no discomfort. Perfect for wearing while mowing the lawn.