Maximo iM-490 iMetal Isolation Stereo Earphones

If you adjust them properly and they work in your ears they’re fine, but if they’re loose they can jostle around, messing with the sound quality. I find that they work fine for running, but ymmv.

Isn’t it illegal to drive while wearing stereo headphones?

These are carp. Bought them last time offered. Used them to listen to itunes (light usage). They fell apart (literally).

Good luck if you buy.


anyone know how these compare to zune headphones?

i bought a pair of these for 60 bucks from a best buy while i was on vacation, because i accidentally cut the cord on my bose earbuds while mountain biking…and for the price theyre pretty damn good…obviously you cant put them up against a set of bose, but for this price? NOT BAD AT ALL

Bought these the last time they were here and I gotta say, I find them to be less musical than the stock Ipod 'phones. They are sitting in my sock drawer. I am not an audio snot - just my opinion.

My last pair of these headphones from Woot was horrible. The sound quit working on one side within a week, and Maximo, which has a great return policy, did replace them - with another pair that did exactly the same thing within just a few days. At that point, it wasn’t worth bothering with asking for another exchange, and I just threw them in the garbage.

I wasn’t the only person. Check out the user forum associated with the last Woot offering of these products, and skip to the last page of comments, after people received the products.

Now, the first pair of these same exact headphones that I bought from Woot (which I lost) worked great.

I’ve got headphones like these and those little rubber seals pop off all the time. I’ve lost so many of them that I’ve rendered the headset useless…

while they are great for isolating the sound, if they pop off and disappear on you, they don’t work at all in your ear.

Going to avoid. Good luck everyone!

Uhh, might that be related to the " Mazel-Tov Cocktail ", perchance …?

I use mine with my 3g iphone, and they rock (thats not to say you can’t use yours for hip hop, country or jazz if thats what you’re into you know)

Don’t hock me to China.


Kismet - at least they tried!!
This means that they will have good sales in the year to come :wink:

Woot guys - Todah rabah - Thank you very much.
Are you planning to sell headsets that are compatible with airplane seat connections?

I use these at work to assist me in ignoring everything around me. They sound good too for less than $20

This actually happened to me as well last time, but Maximo replaced them quickly and with no hassle. Worth it for the quality of the earbud, I’d say.

I bought these like 6 months ago from woot. Worked great until i put them in a washing machine. One side stoped working, the other one is working fine.

Great sound, recommend it. In for one more!

Very nice headphones for price. Great bass and mid response, but the highs aren’t as crisp and well-defined as my Sennheisers. Then again, the bass isn’t as good on the Sennheisers. The isolate your ear from noise pretty well and they’re very comfortable to wear and sleep with. Great looking too. The price is a steal. If I don’t already have 6 pairs from past Woots, I’d buy another 3 pairs as stocking stuffers. Buy early because these are sure to sell out.

Hey! They won’t fall out and the discomfort could just be the peculiar way my ears are shaped (though I don’t think they are peculiar at all). I’d recommend trying on some generic sound isolation headphones first and seeing how much it bothers you before just trusting me right off the bat. The general consensus on isolation phones seems to be that they do great things but are discomforting to wear after an extended period of time, though that might not be a problem for you.

Bought these at a woot-off for 9.99, and they are great! I use them all the time, and on many 5 hour flights without any discomfort.

I have never had a pair of 15 buck headphones this comfortable and this high quality from a sound standpoint.

Bought 3 pair last time, and the whole family likes them!!!

Bought 3 sets from woot in June 2009. All are still running strong. In my opinion they are a great deal at this price, but I have not used them heavily, especially since I have 3 sets to rotate through. I leave a set in the car in case I want to pull my iPod out and listen to it during a shopping trip. I leave one set with my laptop stuff and have one set at home.

I agree with Alvin. REgular wear & tear/flexing of the rubber near the gold tipped 3.5mm jack causes weakening and eventually breaking of the wire. Within 3 months of usage, the right speaker’s audio would pop in and pop out whenever I moved my media player slightly. Good thing I’d bought 3 of them at the time so replacing the first wasn’t a big deal.

But I wouldn’t buy these again. Shoddy design. The white Maximo headset model that they sold a year or so ago had a metal connector that didn’t have this problem.