Maximo iM-490 iMetal Isolation Stereo Earphones

Does anyone know how these compare to Skullcandy? Namely, the Smokin’ Buds (, which is what I currently own.

One side of my Skullcandy earphones are starting to break, so I am wondering how these compare.


i have that problem with my icemat siberia phones i bought from woot a while back. a little superglue helped…but i don’t think i’ll chance these ones.

Since they fit in your ear, they act like ear plugs. They block out sound really well. My wife hates them because I can’t hear her yell at me! :slight_smile:

I have 3 of these from woot and I don’t use them. They hurt my ears because the plastic pops and it rattles my ear drums. My favorite is the VIBE from v-moda. The Jabra noise cancellation headphones are also great which I got from woot. The vmoda I got from Costco.

How do these compare to the Razer m100 Pro|Solutions Protone In-Ear Earphone? Ever since I lost my pair of Razer earphones, I haven’t been able to find anything that comes close to them. I don’t want to spent more money on another pair that won’t come close to the Razers…I might as well just pay few $$ more and get the Razers again (or wait for woot)

Cheese and fries people. When was the last time you got a pair of Sennheiser headphones for the price of dinner at ihop? No - these aren’t the holy grail of headphones. No - you won’t have an orgasm because the music sounds better than live. But for crying out loud - they are earbuds. They are metal. I freaking stepped on mine on accident and they were unscathed. Been using them since june off and on all day long at the office, lots of heavy metal. Maybe my hearing is a little impaired. OH well.

You can’t just put the tip in. It won’t feel right. To set them properly you need to fully insert them, then remove them most of the way and then reinsert until the sound reaches a peak and you drift away into the sweet sounds coming from the earphones.

A message of love.

Perhaps it’s the shape of my ear, but they don’t always stay in them. I have yet to run with them, but the sound quality is great for the price.

Ummm… Why would it be??? the DEAF drive?

They definitely work well with an iphone. I have a pair from a previous Woot. Love 'em. Just bought three more pair for gifts – everyone wants them after hearing me rave.

Anyone can buy anytime for $2 more after woot shipping.

Great sound quality while they lasted (3 months). Good for everyday use, not good for physical activity use.

I bought 3 pairs the last time these were up, one pair for myself and one pair for each of my kids. Needless to say my 19 year old is tough on any electronic gadget, yet his pair is still working well (he’s very careless with them also). Oh yeah, they sound GREAT too!
May get more…

It’s L’shanah Tovah

Can these be used with computer, etc.? If not, please remember I am old and don’t know the difference in ear phones

I use these when I fly, which for the most case is Monday and Thursday. Yesterday was a 10 hour day on planes or in airports alone, got home and these were up… I use these all the time.

They drown out background chatter, but not someone speaking to you or next to you.

They are tight in the ear canal, after a full day of use my ears tend to get a little sore until these are removed for a few minutes.

They take abuse like a champ, Mine get wrapped around my iPod and thrown in to a backpack when not in use. They’ve gotten caught up in my key chain a few times and when I yanked on the iPod they took the keys out with it and never snapped or stopped working.

My current set I’ve had for over a year with no issues at all.

I mainly listen to podcasts when traveling, Opie and Anthony, Cheapassgamer, Joystiq and the like and they sound great. My second set I use on my laptop to play games with and again, the sound is really good.

I highly recommend them and have given them out as gifts to family with good feedback.

another woot of a time doing your physical work with these on.
Buy one extra, send it to me! i’ll take it if its free.

Well I still have about 8 pairs of these from various Woots. Best ear buds I have ever owned.

What’s really good about them is that they fit well inside the ear and block outside noise, acting like ear plugs.

Mine have all worked well and when I give them as gifts people think I spent $80 on them.

Quiet, our secret.

Bonus tip: What’s really nice are the little extras, the bag, the two sized buds and the extension cable.

Mine all came in a cool round hard case though, not the bag.

Sidenote: Mine do not have that silver metal thing about midway down the cable. WTH. Is that better than mine? Hey Woot I want to exchange all mine if these are better.

Does it have a built-in microphone (like the default ones that come shipped with the 3g iPhone) so that you can also take phone calls with these earbuds?

I ordered three pair late last year. They all had excellent sound and worked well with Sansa and iPod nano. I turned the volume settings down much lower on the devices with these than with other earbuds due to the sound isolation and quality. (Extended the playing time of the devices as well.)

However, all three units stopped working after ~ 2 months. The issue is that the connection at the plug is not well designed, such that the wires become broken from flexing, even from gentle use. Splicing in a more robust connector from some lesser headphones solved the problem, but does not address the design issue with the connector.

Knowing this, I’m still in for two more pair due to the excellent sound. I will first beef up the wire support at the connector before using.