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Maximo iM-490 iMetal Isolation Stereo Earphones [New] - $12.99 + $5 shipping shipping

1 * Maximo iM-490 iMetal Isolation Earphones

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Here’s an example Amazon page for it.

Looks like good reviews!

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I got these the last time they went up for sale, they’re pretty good for the price.

Will these match my iPod?

Got these last time around.

LOVE them

Here’s the product page…

the iM-590’s are excellent. i hear these are shotty. could make for a decent back-up pair. the main worries are with their durability. i wouldn’t suggest buying them blindly

So how do these compare to the SkullCandy earbuds?

I bought a couple of these about 6 months ago here. They have solid sound, and actually fit my ears. You can cheaply purchase replacement earbuds in three sizes. They also look cool if that floats your boat at all.


These things are AWESOME, I still have mine from last thanksgiving. They have deep bass but you can still hear the high notes. I prefer these even over the Bose and Sure ones I test at my work (I even had a $400 pair that I tested that these sound better).

Note the bass may be a little bit more then what a purist would want but I like that.

the real amazon page

and cnet’s review

I really liked these, bought 3 to stash in the closet and collect dust with the 3 Sansa Clips from a week ago. I use them in the gym and have already ripped the wires on a couple pairs and shorted out a sansa slip in the past so I’m a fan of them as cheap but effective!

bought these when they came around the first time…i love them and they sound great.

burned them in for 10 hours at the advice of a fellow wooter and im really happy with them.

Holy ear wax, Batman! These are nearly $70 with shipping at Amazon!

bought these about a year ago. Unfortunately, the cords of these are really fragile. For me, the sound started fading in one ear after a month or so of everyday use on three separate sets. Were great till they did that tho!

on the 1-10 scale anyone know the comfort level of these? 10 being best…they look like they’d hurt

These sold out when they were offered in September. Fantastic bargain – for the price, the sound quality is very high, and they’ve become my choice for my daily commute.

Beware: There are two versions of these earphones. Compare tonight’s 1/8" jack with these from 2008:

The older ones had a metal jack, with a rubber strain relief. Much better build quality than today’s offering, with a plain rubber jack.