Maximo iM-490 iMetal Isolation Stereo Earphones

Haha what a delightfully dreary story to go along with these earbuds. Oh and sorry Woot but Amazon had an amazing deal on some Logitech Ultimate Ears that I just couldn’t pass up earlier today…

these look like the headphones i just bought from brookstone. they too are amazing quality. the specs look identical. i imagine these are just as good and these come with more extras for less.

I like them better then my brothers skull candy set, deeper bass

Bought a pair expecting awesomeness from Maximo yet again. I was disappointed in the product because while it DOES deliver GREAT sound, it is only worth it when you’re not putting the earbuds back into your ear every minute - literally.

I don’t know if my ear canals are at fault here but none of the three sizes fit in my ear comfortably (I was forcing them in to even “enjoy” it at all).

Really wish they’d stay in, if they did I wouldn’t be disappointed in my purchase.

zdnet reviews

and yet another review

I bought two pairs on Woot! a while back and they aren’t very good. Sound quality is just okay, but they are too bulky and fall out very easily compared with other inexpensive brands. Sorry Woot!, but this one’s a no go. Wanna buy back the extra pair I bought?

I’ve not experienced that, and I abuse the crap out of mine. They come with a small, tough case for packing away in bag. Again, the only thing I’ve done is replace the earbuds themselves. I bought the smallest size, and these fit perfectly.

They didn’t fit my ears and when they did go in, it only lasted for a minute, and then I had to “force” them back in. :frowning:

When I bought these from Woot last time, I received a really unsatisfactory pair. The cables make a rattling noise in the buds when you move around and are stiff. The bud covers were uncomfortable and not very rubbery/soft. The sound quality was even tinny and not vivid compared to the $30 steelseries they were supposed to replace. I might have received a bad one by luck, maybe normally they’re good. I wouldn’t recommend these though…

Pretty comfy I wear them all day at work 10ish hours. Only complain would be they can fall out fairly easy so jogging wouldnt be that great.

I bought these the last time they were offered and loved them for the first month. Then the right earbud’s audio would start cutting out when the relatively weak, thin cable at the base, near the jack, would move. I emailed Maximo and they were nice enough to RMA it (had to send it back in my own padded envelope and pay the postage).

I received a replacement, however I could tell they were refurbs and the right earbud on the replacement would cause this weird, uncomfortable suction effect when inserted in the ear that the left one didn’t (the previous pair didn’t do it either). I chalked it up to some sort of blockage in the air flow hole on the other end of the metal bud. I considered contacting Maximo again and RMAing, but I didn’t want to have to go through the trouble of going to the post office and going through it all over again.

Ended up buying the Blockade earbuds Woot had a couple weeks ago as a two-fer and am really happy with them. I liked the sound the Maximo provided for the first month, but the build is very dainty and not rugged at all. The only saving grace is the lifetime warranty…but after 3 or 4 RMAs or so you’d be spending more in postage, gas and time than buying a more rugged replacement pair.

Edit: I want to add that I’m careful with my electronics and audio equipment, so the cable problems weren’t due to any jostling of the earbud cables. I generally used it while stationary at home and use/used cheaper headphones at the gym.

these are WAY better in every way.

Your ears are not the problem; bad design is the problem hear, I mean here.

I bought a pair and they fell apart.

SO cheap, that it was not worth dealing with warranty.

Just bought another brand.

Good luck…

Share the love… what’s it mean to burn them in?

I got these a few months ago; been using them ever since. Nice sound, and they’ve not suffered from general use like some more expensive earbuds that I’ve owned.

for me theyre the most comfortable pair of earbuds ive owned.

btw, thanks Woot for my bag of crap which arrived this week.

Now if only I owned an ipod… or five.

Bought these during a previous Woot; they fit pretty darned well and block out the sound of police scanners when I need to listen to something. I’m in for another pair.

My thoughts exactly. I’ve had to send in a pair of 'phones and I got crap back. That’s what you get with a lifetime warranty I suppose.