Maximo iM-490 iMetal Isolation Stereo Earphones

Got these on a previous Woot-off. Not bad. They feel pretty weighty (but not heavy). Sound quality: they’re not Sennheisers, but they sound better than those cheapo Skull Candy earbuds. Best part is the nice little extension segment, which you can use with any headphones.

They sound great but are extremely fragile around the wire near the earbud. I’ve gotten a few from woot and they don’t last longer than a couple of months or so.

Oooh Fun. Hope they don’t put up anything good over night.

I bought these the last time they were on and they have excellent quality. That said, the metal parts separated on the left earphone, but since they have a lifetime warranty, I can send them back and get a new pair. Pretty good for the price.

These are a great set of headphones for the money. Bought them from Woot back in '08 and they still sound great.

GREAT earphones. I have been using a pair for 5 months now, they sound excellent and really block outside noise well. I have given several pairs as gifts and everyone loves them.

Whats with all the crappy headphones?.. Get some bose klipsch or shure


I have these and they really are the best headphones i’ve ever had. Awesome price!

Oh, how the chrome dazzles me, and the MAXIMO name makes me wonder if these will make me look more machismo to the ladies.

The iMetal brings visions of strength and power.

But alas, Isolation… such a sad term.

With great sadness to my pocket the wallet returns.

What’s the difference between “isolation” headphones and standard headphones? Sounds kinda like, “Better Profits Through Enhanced Marketing”.

These earphones are awesome. I have 6 pairs so far from Woot. My wife is talking me out of buying three more.

They won’t sound like Shure’s, but for the price they are well worth it. Fantastic sound!

Ooh! I love these - they actually fit in my ears and don’t fall out, unlike every single other pair of buds I’ve tried!

My current earbuds are sadly broken on the left side… hopefully I’ll have better luck with these.

Mine did too, then I stuck them all the way in like ear plugs. They sound much, much better stuck way in and don’t fall out. I love these earphones!

I lol’d.

I gave these to my son and he actually hasn’t lost them and says they’re the best. (As compared to the junk earbuds that came with his iPod.)

Once you try them, you’ll know the difference. Standard headphones typically don’t let you hear yourself breathe. That messes you up when you first try them. That and hearing the wires move.

These are great!

Have them and love them. Getting the right ear bud fit is essential.