Maximo iMetal Stereo Earbuds

Note: This post contains pricing information for future reference because it is generally not available elsewhere once the next Woot has been offered.

Maximo iMetal Stereo Earbuds
$7.99 + $5 shipping
condition: New
product(s): 1 Maximo iM290 iMetal Stereo Earbuds

If they were m100’s, then I would be in for 3, but not these. Time for bed.

Maximum SPL Output: >120dB ? mmm hearing damage

I would REALLY like to see some razer m100s, i have 4 pair of razer m250’s from 3 seperate woots and i love them.

“Superior Audio Fidelity and Deep, Powerful Base”

“Base?” Give me a break.

Too much for earbuds?! I guess if you don’t want to actually hear your music, then yeah. Now, I don’t know what these sound like (and they admittedly do look suspicious), but $13 is not “too much” for earbuds. You don’t even enter the realm of decent earbuds at that price.

I’m in the market since the crappy ones that came with my Zune aren’t working anymore. So are these any good or what? I don’t really like the idea of paying more than 10 bucks for ear buds.

2’ extension cable
3.5-2.5mm adapter – I just paid 9.99 for the adapter @ radio shack last night.

I grabbed one, now wish I’d done 3.

C’est la vie…


All your base are belong to iMetal.

I’m in for two

“Frequency Response: 1.8Hz-22KHz”

1.8? Most humans cant hear below 20, actually you can only feel anything lower… How do these do that?

1.8 Hz is the bottom range? I hope that’s a typo. If not, this is a miracle of science for earbuds. You’d be able to hear the pulses of a 1.8Hz tone.

These earbuds suck! Good luck keeping them from popping out of your ears ever 5 seconds

night woot

just got a pair. For the accessories alone, this is worth it. If the phones themselves turn out to be decent, it wil be a pretty good buy. They’re $30 on amazon, and $15 on some other fly by night company I googled.

Nice shit.


Seems like everywhere else has it for at least twice as much. Nice deal!

Ah, it figures, another typo in the item description. It’s probably supposed to say “18Hz” for the lower end, although I’m sure the actual value is much higher for these cheap headphones. As others have pointed out, for a cheap set of headphones plus the accessories you can’t go wrong for $10-13.

in for one… but just for the extension cord, because my razer headphones have annoyingly short cords. I’ll probably find a use for everything except the actual earbuds. If the actual earphones don’t sound like crap, then that’s fine too… heh.

uhhhhhh… that would be a NO-NO on the XMAS travel timing… Bummer!


in for two! hope they are good lol