Maximo iMetal Stereo Earbuds

Any reviews anywhere?

heck, its almost a normal price for the airline adapter. paid $6+tax i believe the other day lol

a little too much egg nog woot?
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Lightweight alloy metal earphones
Superior audio fidelity & deep, powerful bass
Extension cable for extra length
2.5mm and air travel adapters
Leatherette storage pouch
15mm neodymium drivers
Frequency response: 18Hz-22KHz
Max. SPL output: >120dB
Sensitivity (1KHz, 0.1V): >100dB

The music quality doesn’t matter If you have kids.

Just sit them on the shelf until theirs is either lost or broken.

I’m in for 3 which is less than $10.00 each including shipping.

More likely 1.8Hz = 180Hz rather than 18Hz.

In for one – now that I think about it, I should have gone in for 3 for I am always breaking my earbuds (sleeping with them in isn’t good for them, apparently). Anyway, hope they’re good enough for my needs.

And it is 18Hz-22KHz, according to my sources…

I agree. I paid $9.99 also for the 2.5 to 3.5 adapter, and I don’t even like it cause it got a wire conecting each plug. With my verizon voyager, I need an adapter for each set of Razor’s (clips and buds) and I also need an adapter for the hard wired connecter in my car. I am in for 3 for the adapters and extensions. Screw the earbuds! They will be Cristmas presents for people I don’t like.



Er, wait, wrong website. Sorry.

I’m pretty positive that these earbuds cannot reach 1.8hz… the best I’ve seen are around 6, and those earbuds are priced at 100+ (shure, bose, etc)

id buy them if i didnt already have the ones that just came with my zune which sound a heck of alot better than the terrible ones that came with my ipod

eh im in anyways there much cheaper than the ones at wally world i was looking at just not as pretty blue

i believe you mean 6khz?

Here’s a review I found… Not sure I’ll jump on this. I found my Zune earbuds to sound pretty good, and I still have my Koss KSC-75 sets that sound great for the price.

-Martin <><

Hell yeah! Long live Dissection!

Anyways, with that said… I’m in for one. My Sony earbuds are hurting. I’ve been looking for a replacement set for a few months. So, I’m going to try these!

Oh, and death metal is much better than black metal! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Oh, I’m sure it can reach the higher end, just the lower frequency quoted in the front page:

I’m pretty sure they meant 18hz, which would seem about right. And judging by other reviews, I guess that about clears it up…

what are the chances of getting it before xmas? i leave the country the day after

Pass on these. I recently got some similar ones on a w00t off.

LOL…nice :wink:

Idon’t think you should put metal in your ears. That can’t be safe. I’ve always heard that you shouldn’t put anything smaller than your elbow in your ear. Be safe.

THen these will not be leaving with you.