Maximo In Ear iMetal Earphones

Metal In the ear, sounds comfortable.

Hmmm… Metal headphones, eh? Too bad I only listen to soft jazz.

Woot must have as many of these as they do those extendable mini tripods, no?

I have this exact pair and they are awesome.
highly recommended


bought these in a previous woot off and love them. the other day i did notice that the cord has something messed up where if i bend it at the base it cuts out sound to one ear


I already have a pair you wootoezz

how many headphones do i need… i guess 1 more wont hurt…

bought these over a year ago - the left would fizz out but the lifetime warrentee kicked in - they sent me a new pair after I returned the defective - problem is those fizzed out too - now I have a new pair but never use them - at least they aren’t lying about the warrentee

these are $14.99 (since the auto price poster things aren’t working)

$16.99 @ w/ free shipping. Mediocre Reviews.

contact maximo for warrentee repair.
They are likely to replace them.
When my plastic insulation broke unexpectedly, they replaced the entire unit in a timely manner.

they’ll also shock your ears if you get near static (escalators always get me). not sure if it’s b/c of the metal earphones or if that’s common for any in-ear phones

two pairs went bad after two moths. I’m going to return to the manufacturer with original receipt, and hopefully they’ll replace them.

It’s probably better to shell out the money for new iPod HF’s.

i never did like earbuds.