Maximo Travel Kit for Sansa

time for lunch!

best earbuds ever

Maximo Travel Kit for Sansa

* + $5 shipping

1 Maximo MSAN-BTLK-01 Travel Kit for Sansa Player - includes Maximo iM-390 Earbuds


Just what I needed for my 20$ device, a kit that makes it cost 60% more.


for less than 20 anyway

uh oh. I hope there aren’t 932184751938475 of these.

Cheaper buying these things from meritline, Ebay, monoprice etc. No deal here.

Oops. Time for a long break…

Useless as tits on a boar hog

it’d be nice if only I didn’t already have everything it includes.

If the Sansas I was suckered in to buying from woot lasted more than 6 months, maybe this would be worth it… bah!

bleh… thanks for the break.

Wow, nice to know that i can buy this…

Now i have to buy a Sansa…

Only if this had the FM transmitter. Then this would be a complete travel set actually worth it.

What’s a Sansa? :wink:

If you need this you should already have it…

Replace with the USB cable for your device and you are good to go. Not too bad for AC and Car USB adaptor and headphones.