Maxpedition Versipacks

S-type presumably stands for “Sinister,” which is Latin for left-handed.

This is cheaper directly from Amazon.


“Sinistral,” I suspect.

Note the lack of any pictures of anyone wearing this tactical murse. Sounds good in theory, but I suspect it would garner me the same response as a fanny pack.

I went over to the mothership, and read the reviews. They confirmed what I suspected:

These are really off body concealed carry bags, kinda. Most of the people who reviewed them were using it for that purpose, and (with some limitations) it was fairly well reviewed for that. So, it’s kind of a man-purse, but not really.

One notation was to avoid the black: “it screamed ‘I’ve got a gun in here’” according to one reviewer. I’d agree: the black (and even the OD green) are too taktikool for school. I’m going with the blue one.

These look like they hang in a really good way for motorcycle commuting. Too bad they aren’t just a skosh larger to hold a netbook. I am not carrying, so all the crap I would put in this fits in my pockets, and I have to carry the laptop too.