Maxtor 120GB 5400 RPM Hard Drive


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ITEM # 4 - Maxtor 120GB 5400 RPM Hard Drive $39.99 + $5 shipping

Makes a good secondary drive for storage. 5400 rpms so definitely for storage.




Decent price…too bad I don’t need any.


Ewwwwww 5400RPM :frowning:






My first post on this forum. But if you ask me about this item, it’s just ok. I wouldn’t buy it.


good deal BTW


server errors are killing me, haha, oh well if i don’t get in on it, less $$$ spent, best night ever to have a woot off, i am up all night working at a comp with free roaming inet…WOOT!


At first I thought it was a laptop hard drive… especially with the 5400, but then I saw it.Not a bad deal, but I’d rather wait for rebates at best buy.


5200RPM??? I desperately need a new 120GB hard drive, but I need 7200RPM Woot!!! Please!


I would buy this if it were Seagate or WD, but I’ve had too many Maxtor drives die on me that it’s not worth it to me even at this great price…


Already got 250 gb, don’t really need any more.


AWSOME DEAL VERY TEMPTING, dont need one tho :frowning:


too slow for me but a nice price for a second hard drive.


wow another nice woot! this is a very nice storage drive… wouldnt wanna run an OS on 5400 rpms. Less than $.50/gb is always good!


agh 500 server error when im trying to order this too! bLAH!


omg no sleep tonite…


First Page? If so, I guess it really doesn’t cound during a woot-off.

Oh well.


P.S. Slow and steady at $0.33/Gig isn’t really a great deal. Maybe for $15…