MaxxHaul Receiver Hitch Mounted Crane

MaxxHaul Receiver Hitch Mounted Crane

If I get a few of these I may be able to get my beloved Kendra off her rascal and into the truck!


I’m actually in a situation where I need something like this sometimes. Getting too old to lift certain things myself (well, I can do it buy why risk your back/knees), don’t really want to bother the neighbors. Just wonder about the quality and if anyone has tried something like this?

I know these range anywhere from bottom-end Harbor-Freight stuff at similar or lower price, up to serious crane assemblies that bolt on to truck frames and cost thousands of dollars, some hydraulic/electric. I just don’t know where this fits in that spectrum but obviously (for this price) near the bottom. But if it does what I need might be fine.

But wait – if it weights 137 lbs, then it’s too heavy for me to install and use by myself anyway – which was the whole point of getting it! Actually it’s probably good that’s it’s that heavy, means maybe it can have the strength and power to do what it advertises. But yeah that’s pretty heavy! I know it’s made of different components that could probably be stored and carried separately, but still, I think it’s probably not going to work for me.