May Crap Thread

Just got my BOC and I am psyched. Won the privilege of purchasing a BOC after playing a game. My BOC consisted of the following:

Blue bag with iconic BOC logo

Shaker bottle - which I actually need.

Gardening shovel - this will be useful because my yard is overrun with the weeds with little stickers that stick to your socks

2 motion activated disc lights. Kids love these.

2 flameless candles to set the mood

1 flying mortimer which my dog loves to retrieve.

1 Iphone 6 case. The box is sweet

2 Iphone 6s/6c screen protectors

1 tactical flashlight with a pattern light image

1 Featherpck backpack by Shacke - this thing is sweet and has a lifetime warranty.

All in all my BOC was amazing and my wife now understands why I was so excited when I was provided with the honor of purchasing one.

Thanks Woot!


Just scored my first EVER bag of crap by playing the game! Looking forward to my very first Big Bag of Disappointment. Woot! Woot!