May Shirtstorm

Hello and welcome to May. The sun is coming out. We started to bare our naked legs in public, but we inadvertently blinded an elderly woman and her Yorkshire terrier. At least we have funny shirts. YOU CAN’T TAKE THAT AWAY FROM US, EDITH. Have a wonderful rest of May.



Toss aside your umbrellas and revel in the Shirtstorm! In for three.

Love the Hermione T. Bookworms unite!

“Orange you bad”, so punny it hurts.

Very fun storm.

I am the pun who knocks.

Anyone know the shirt brand their printed on or which vompany gldan, anvil, hanes, etc because certain shirts in a XL others in a large and the XL’s are way to long and shoulders fit large in Gildans fit to a T

Anvil (unless specified otherwise)

That hurt!

At least someone believe in me

I’m pretty sure the “Slayer” shirt is missing a single slay… and now I have that stuck in my head.

It also needs to have “Stake it off” printed on the back.

The STATS pages show sales in most of the states, so I’d say a bunch of “someones” believe in you. I really like “Hay!” Keep designing, refining your style, and submitting designs.

Wow, the shirt has hit the fan!

So, can we expect these to continue on tomorrow as a side sale?

I suuuuppppose you could.

Can we get a confirm on the shirt type/brand? I love the United Selfie of America shirt but I really hate gambling 8 cheeseburgers on a shirt that I’ll have to make into a pillow instead of wear.

Anvil. 980 for men, 880 for women. If you’ve purchased a shirt in the past 6 months, expect the same. Longer than that, read the forums. As usual, pay attention to the sizing charts.

How nice of you! Thanks!