May the 4th Be with You

why is there no super deformed plush Slave Leia?

$70 for a poster? LOL

Can I use ‘The Force’ to buy this stuff, or do you only take money?

Is that because it says “Revenge of the Jedi” rather than “Return of the Jedi?”

If Yoda really did levitate I’d consider this deal :slight_smile:

Such Jar Jar :\


unless the poster is original there’s no way it’s worth $70. and I don’t think these are original prints.

Anyone have interior dimensions on the At-At cable organizer? I wanna know if my existing surge protectors will fit in one.

I think those flash drives look more deformed than the plush.

In money only, Woot trusts.



I checked several other sites and didn’t find the interior dimensions. The actual GeekCook website is entirely in Japanese, hence, I didn’t understand if it provided additional info or not.

STAR WARS Vintage Collectibles Lot…Instant Collection! Tins, Comm Tech, Micro Machines!!

Is it wrong that I want to buy a super deformed Tauntaun just so I can slice it open and use it to carry around my Hoth Luke flash drive?

Customer service is dead! Long live customer service!

Just in case it’s not obvious, I obviously googled and then checked the GeekCook site myself before I asked here. Cause I have fingers and a connection to the internet and the inquisitiveness of, oh I don’t know, a person with a question about a product they want to buy.

When I didn’t find the answer myself, I asked here because YOU guys are the ones selling the product! Does no one in the warehouse have a ruler? I can lend you one. ($5 shipping each way on the ruler, btw.)

Wow…much attitude, such angry.

I may be the only guy in the civilized world who has not seen any of the star wars movies. Movies bore me.

You’ll love this then.