May The 4th Be With You

“Real working mini Lightsaber” O.o

Finally, that lightsaber cheese-knife they had in Family guy.

Only 3 sets of the Star War matchbox cars. I actually would have taken one of those :frowning:

Dammit woot!.

Between this and the shirts…

Just take all my money.

man, i was excited about the death star planetarium…until i looked up reviews. both toys r us (where it retails for only $19.99, btw) & amazon basically say it’s crap, that the bulbs only last about a night each and they are next to impossible to replace, and it’s pretty flimsy/chintzy. also it’s really small - 5x6". (this is listed in the specs but i know i can’t be the only person who has a bad habit of not reading those or still imagining something i ordered to be much bigger than it is.)

i have a $10 off coupon from woot so i’d still be tempted just to have it as a giant paper weight if it wasn’t so small. :expressionless:

I bought a Death Star Planetarium. It broke my heart when the bulb burnt out the night after I turned it on. The plastic is light, the stand barely holds on to the sphere. It wouldn’t work as a paper weight unless you added a roll of pennies to it which is more than it’s worth.

The bulbs are odd too. Not a simple replacement they have two wires coming off them. The only thing I’ve seen that may be similar would be the mag-light bulbs. I was thinking I might be able to replace it with the LED mag light replacement bulb but honestly that’s spending more money and time on an object then I really want.

Are the hats just kids sizes? How big are they?

Must have been a booboo. I see they’re back.

Confirmed, they are kid sized.

The deal for the Hot Wheels/Star Wars cars is pretty good. They retail for approx $4/each. I found some on sale locally for $3.50. I want to buy the random pack but afraid I will get 12 yodas.

12 jar jar binks

OK, you are right it could be worse than 12 yodas.

3 Chopper
3 Boba Fett
2 Stormtrooper
2 Darth Maul
1 Darth Vader
1 Luke Skywalker

Not bad