May the 4th is Still With Us

Is the image correct for the 2nd shirt? Image shows a yellow Vader Chop Shop but the title says Torque Sports Empire Speed.

That is neither 10 nor 12 dollars. Please check my math.

I think the title is wrong, but the image is right. Notice the last shirt has different logo from the yellow and red shirts and is titled Torque Sports Vader’s Chop Shop - Black.

These aren’t shirt.woot shirts.

Checking on that yellow shirt.

Damnit! I ordered two of these, and then the titles went and changed! The pictures in my receipt are correct, but the titles go to different shirts now. Ugh!

Sorry for the late reply.

We also apologize for the mixup.

If you’re concerned or have questions about your order please email into and let them know.

I did, thanks… we’ll see if it gets fixed before it ships :slight_smile:

I really hope they fix this. Otherwise it’d be false advertising.

good luck…lol…

Emailed support twice and its not really helping. Looks like were screwed here lol.

Got an email from support (I didn’t even know there was an issue) this morning that they screwed up and were refunding me my money, and that I could still buy the shirts here: and I get to keep whatever shirt they are actually sending me.

(Edited to fix my link, doh)