May the Force Be With Your Kitchen

I bought the r2d2 ice cube tray and it is really small, so be prepared. The entire tray is about 7" x 3.5" so the small cubes are really small, more for making candy than ice

Most of these molds are available on amazon with prime shipping for a lot less than woot is selling them for…

Item: Star Wars JAN131640 Milliennium Falcon Bottle Opener

It is not solid metal like the description states…

Barred from the Mos Eisley Cantina because you shot first? Stay home and use this handy bottle opener in the shape of the Millennium Falcon to drink your favored beverage anywhere else. Then when you’re done, stick it to your fridge with the ultra-convenient magnet attached underneath.

Solid Metal
Measures 4 inches
Packaged in a collector case with a full-color wrap

Here’s what the vendor says:

Only the Falcon is not an exterior metal, (the bottle opener part is metal) like the other ones.
All others are metal exterior.

Hope that helps!

Wow! I almost bought that silicone mold set yesterday, when it was $28 dollars. Thought I was going nuts but price tracking sites confirm it.

Did Amazon via Woot seriously get people to pay $9 more for a “sale” item. This would be seriously shady if the jump in price on Amazon wasn’t a 3rd party seller.