May the Forest be With You

Totoro Ewok! Awesome cuteness.

Cool but not in time. I received the shirt today that I will wear to VII

Woot shirt

Thanks Woot

This is adorable! My wardrobe could definitely use some more Totoro shirts. I’m a fan :3

So cool! Congrats!

this adorable.

i love totoro even though i have never seen the movie (terrible, i know) and i like star wars just fine even though i’m not into star wars.

in conclusion, i’d be a total fraud wearing this but who cares because i love it.

Thanks for all the Totoro/Ewok love! Just two more sleeps until I get to see the movie! Eeeeeee!!!

SOOOOO CUTE- This slightly makes ewoks less obnoxious. haha

What are the chances that with one-day shipping I would get this in time to wear on Friday (green dress up day for the holidays)?

Less than zero, as much as that sucks to hear.

Okay, thanks!! I mean, I’ll probably order it anyway, since it’s completely awesome, but I won’t bother paying the extra for the faster shipping!