May the Fourth be With You Tees

Is there any way to get these as prints rather than t-shirts?

Eff these Anvil Shirts! Bring back American! USA USA USA!!!

(Seriously, please bring them back.)

The Munch piece “Luke’s Scream” would be awesome as a T-Shirt. I can see me unbuttoning my dress shirt to reveal the awesomeness beneath… too bad it’s only a hoodie…

You’re in luck. It is always available as a t-shirt. Here is the permanent link.

Ordered this shirt for my 7-year old son, was charged, and Woot still has not delivered on this. Contacted support and received the canned response to wait several business days, which I did. Contacted them again, and now no response. Irritated. I don’t want my money back, I want the item that I ordered when it was in stock.

I’m showing that you should have had it delivered on 5/15- I’ll check back in with CS and make sure they check into your order and get a response back to you ASAP.