May the Fourth be With You

Why, shirt woot? Why must you always offer the designs I want in tote form instead of sweater form?

May the force be with woot when I kick them into high gear. Woot, make everything available on everything. Woot, meet my foot. :slight_smile:

be great if the offer was available to us Canadians!

Need the force fitness one in a tank top. Gotta show off these bingo wings!

Curses! I was hoping to get my hoodie before crossing the pond. Now I will have to wait another year to feel like the force.

Any idea on when these shirts are shipping? I know they offered expedited shipping, but I ordered mine last Thursday and it hasn’t shipped yet. Assuming they’re not going to pony up for Saturday or Sunday delivery, it’ll have to go out by Thursday, right?

Should indeed have them out by Thursday- but not super sure exactly when it will be shipping. I have faith in them!

I just got the confirmation that it was shipped and checked the fedex website. It says (as of right now) that it’s set for a delivery date of 5/5. I’m hoping that it got shipped this morning and I’ll have it tomorrow. I got this for my daughter, bought it last week (the 24th I think) so she could wear it to school on Friday.
But if I receive it on the 5th (in which case she can’t even wear it until Tuesday) then you’ll have missed your guaranteed delivery date of 5/4. If that’s the case, I think a refund would be in order.

But, like I said, maybe the FexEx website will get updated and it was actually shipped this morning and I’ll have it in my hands tomorrow.

As of right now the package looks like it’s still sitting in TX. It probably just hasn’t updated, but I don’t think it’s going to be here by tomorrow. I’m guessing the shipping department didn’t use overnight shipping for it. It just says “SmartPost” on the tracking page, however, on the “stuff you bought” page it does say Shipping Speed: One-Day (1 business day), so it was selected there.

Could you take a look and see if you can figure out what’s going on?

Have you inquired with CS yet? If not, please send your order details to for assistance.

I did email them, they assured me it would arrive by today. As of right now, it’s still in TN (I’m in WI) set to arrive on Monday. I think the problem is that they sent it out, overnight, on Friday*, which means it’s not going to arrive until Monday (unless they check the Saturday Delivery option).

I ordered it over a week ago, the day they went on sale, so they had plenty of time to get it out, unfortunately, all this means is that my daughter doesn’t get to wear a May The Forth shirt for her first May The Forth after watching all the Star Wars movies.

*regarding my last post where I said it was shipped on the first, that was for some other shirts I ordered. Turns out the other shirts I ordered were shipped out before this one.

Well, the shirt showed up today. Woot missed their May The Forth deadline.

Oh noooo… if you haven’t already please email into to complain. I’m really sorry it didn’t get to you in time.

I did, they told me I should reject the shipment for a refund, but they sent me the email, literally, 5 minutes after I accepted the package (one wonders if that was on purpose). Besides, after how excited my daughter was to wear it to school on Friday…then on May the Forth and/or Monday, it’s not like I could tell her she’s not getting it at all.

As I said in the email, I feel like I’m getting brushed off. I’ve been complaining to since you gave me that link and before that, I mentioned here that I was worried since it hadn’t been shipped yet, and the only solution they’ve come up with is basically, ‘tough…send it back’.