Mayhem Skateboards

My daughter has a real Penny board, they are a craze at her school (grade 6). I was skeptical, but did some research and the Penny’s are very well made, and they are the brand to have. But also about 3x this price, clearly not just because of the quality, they just have the brand power to command the premium.

I can’t find any real reviews of these Mayhem boards, but they look like almost exact duplicates of the Penny. Of course the quality of the wheels, bearings, and trucks is a question mark.

The mothership doesn’t have any reviews posted, and there is a Youtube vid that contains no useful info.

Anyone have one, or know of an actual review?

Not sure, but if you look at the “Black Rasta” closely enough, it is actually a Penny skateboard. I would assume, unless this is false advertisement, that they are the same boards made by the same company but with different logos.

Nice eyes! Indeed, the Rasta does look to be marked with “Penny” on the trucks and deck, but it is the only one so marked.

My guess is that very naughty Woot staffers (or the supplier) have inadvertently (or on purpose as they didn’t have their own pic) used an actual Penny picture for their Rasta knockoff.

Funny how, when I was a little kid in the 70’s, boards like this were popular, but then when people all started riding the larger wood boards that are better for tricks and such, these were seen as crappy boards. No “real skater” would have ridden something like this. These things pretty much disappeared, but now they are back and in fashion. They are still certainly not as stable or trick friendly as a modern wooden board and it’s somewhat mystifying why they’re popular again, but they are. I always see kids on these and I think, “what’s wrong with them? Why don’t ride a wooden board?” It’s like seeing a skier using one of those old fashioned wooden skies, like from 100 years ago. And the price those Penny boards command - ridiculous! I’m pretty sure it was the hipsters that in their quest to be super ironic and old school, started riding these and made them popular. Kind of like how fixies suddenly became all the rage.

They ride them because they are small enough to fit in a school locker, come in a variety of colors, can be ordered with customer colors, and because the deck is not the same plastic as 30 years ago, it is quite flexible and offers a good ride.

Yes, serious skaters will want a larger wooden board. But for quick transportation to and from school, these are hard to beat.

Brings back memories of my green plastic Nash with crappy wheels and bearings. Man, I rode that thing for years…

Can’t wait to hop on one of these modern jobbers!

I have a penny and a Mayhem now, and they are almost identical, but 1/3 the price! I will say that the penny might have a little faster bearing, but besides that they are identical. You can buy 3 Mayhems for the price of one penny!

More than likely it’s just a bad upload by Woot…that’s the mayhem I bought and I got a BLACK DECK with YELLOW TRUCKS, and front wheels in RED and back wheels in GREEN. Oooops! hahaha.

Or 1 Mayhem, 1 set of bearings, and a case of beer.

Lol…yeah, your purchase seems better!