Maze IPX5 Waterproof Bluetooth Headset

S… I can go swimming and listen to drake at the bottom of my pool?

No. Not with IPX5. Waterproof is a false statement in this case. Water resistant is more accurate. If you take them swimming, it will be the last time you use them.

how does it sound to someone else when you are conversing while riding a bike?

In other words, what is the transmission sound quality?

So, I’d amend nochlehound’s statements. These aren’t really even water resistant. I received these headsets on April 30th, and as of June 2nd they’d quit working. I suspect they quick working because I made the cardinal sin of assuming that–by being waterproof–I could, y’know, do things like wear them while sweating at the gym. Apparently my sweat is profuse enough that it shorted the headphones out.