Maze IPX5 Waterproof Bluetooth Headset

IPX0 means no protection
IPX1 mean protection from dripping water
IPX2 means protection from vertically dripping water
IPX3 means protection from spayed water
IPX4 means protection from splashed water
IPX5 means protection from water projected from a nozzle
IPX6 means protection from strong jet of water
IPX7 means protection from immersion in water up to 3ft (1m) for 30 minutes
IPX8 means better than IPX7, but there are no exact requirements (IPX8 is usually claimed by the manufacturer)

It’s important to know there are no IPX8 Bluetooth headphones on the market, since the wireless connection probably wouldn’t work properly under water.

To get the best possible protection from water, look for IPX7 Bluetooth headphones that you can accidentally drop in the water up to 3ft in depth without damage. This is the best protection currently available in waterproof Bluetooth headphones.


I bought a set of these back in May, and use them on a regular basis with my 3rd Gen iPod Touch. Work well, even paired them once or twice with my Galaxy S6 Edge. Been happy with them so far.

This warning is less about the quality of the headsets, and more about the responsiveness of Maze. You’ll note that these come with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty. Mine quit working after about a month. Maybe it was a fluke, and the quality is normally good; maybe the quality is bad all around; I don’t know. The point is that I tried to engage the Maze warranty process and failed miserably. It’s not a matter of them not honoring the warranty–we never got to that point. They provide no phone number, so you can’t simply call up and ask for support, you can only email them using a generic info@ address, or use a contact form integrated into the site. I think these emails go directly to the bit bucket, as I tried the online form twice and the email once and NEVER got a single reply. So…buyer beware: if you purchase these, pray they don’t break because you will not be able to invoke your warranty.

Bought a pair of these last time. Terrible isn’t a strong enough desciption for them overall. Fitment, sound quality, both un acceptable. At least WOOT was good about a refund. The ACEsesori ones that came up a while ago are tons better.